Sunday, 30 May 2010

Polka Dots!

For the ones who don't know what polka dots is, it's nothing more than circles.
Today's dots are a part of a longer trend in which designers are focusing on graphic patterns.
It's a playful and fun way to wear prints whithout being too floral or too girly.
Now the designeres made it look modern and fresh and it's all about contrast and size, the bigger the dots are...the better!
It is one of the easiest ways to bring your wardrobe up to date!
Dress navy blue + white: Stradivarius
Shoes navy blue: Zara

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What's in my handbag!???

This is my handbag i'm using at the moment! It's leather with lots of studs! I bought it in Spain last week! I love it!! It matches with anything!!
When I'm taking the tube everyday, I'm always thinking, what kinda stuff people carry in their handbags, especially if the bags are really big!
My one is not too big...but sometimes I can carry alot of stuff, even though not always necessary. :)
When I go to work...I have a long list of things that I carry with never know what you might need....1 Notebook +pen, 2 Ipod, 3 Glasses, 4 my prehistoric Samsung, 5 Keys, 6 DKNY perfume, 7 Oyster, 8 Mints, 9 Wallet, 10 Makeup bag.
1 Tissue, 2 Deodorant, 3 Antibacterial Soap, 4 Hand Cream, 5 Contact lenses Liquid, 6 Contact lenses, 7 Tweezers, 8 Carmex Lip balm, 9 Victoria Secret Lip balm, 10 Comb, 11 Victoria Secret Lipstick (exotic spice), 12 VS Lip gloss (passion fruit), 13 VS Mascara, 14 L'oreal anti-shine mattifying primer, 15 L'oreal liquid eyeliner, 16 Garnier eye roll-on, 17 Touche eclat YSL, 18 Body shop kabuki brush, 19 MAC blush (pink swoon), 20 MAC MSFN (dark)