Saturday, 2 July 2011

My Best 2 Products for this Summer!!!


Here I have the perfect product for those who would like to lighten their hair without damaging it!
CAMOMILA INTEA is mainly made out of camomile flowers natural extract.
Ideal for blonde to medium brown.
The way to apply it: Spray thoroughly on towel-dried hair, and distribute the product with the help of a comb or brush.
Leave it on for at lest 30min and dry as usual. (Drying it under the sun will enhance lightening effect).
For Those who wants some highlight make holes on a shower cap and apply the lotion.
This produts come in a spray bottle of 100ml and because it's not a hair dye can be used so many times!
The final blonde shade will depend on the numbers of applications.
Ideal to give back original colour to previously blond hair darkened over time.
Bye bye hair dyes!! :)

Finally The Summer is coming to London!!
So one of the most essential products for me is a bronzer, and...what better bronzer than SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL!

The texture is a light cream-gel, so easy to apply and easy to blend! it buffs on your skin just like silk! giving you a gorgeous glow, sun-kissed look!
I've been looking for a bronzer than don't turn me too orange, and this bronzer is just fantastic. It fits almost all skin tones and intensifies whatever skin tone you are.
If you have a closer look there are little particles of shimmer on it, but it's a matte bronzer.
To apply it I use my kabuki brush from Body Shop.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

OOTN + Inspiration

Stripes here, stripes there, stripes everywhere!!
They'are on everything from funky bags to glamorous evening dresses. For me all the striped clothes are so eye catching, when I'm going shopping I just want stripes! Nautical style is my favorite, white&blue, black&white, red&white are my favorite combinations, I can never have enough striped clothes in my wardrobe!
And this spring there is a new twist! the classic pattern gets eccentric in electric colors! I'm loving it!
Dress & Belt - H&M
Shoes - Fosco

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My new MAC purchases!

Saint Germain Lipstick Amplified, and So Sweet, So Easy Cremeblend Blush are my new MAC purchases!

Saint Germain is such a pretty bright, bubblegum pink lipstick that some people feel is unweareable, but I Think is amazing, if you just apply some Carmex before!

So Sweet, So easy, the color it's absolutely a gorgeous. It's nearly identical to Pink Swoon. I really like the finish that the creme blushes give me. The texture is so smoth and natural, I apply it with my fingers and it blends perfectly, but I must say is not very long lasting, as I thought...but it can be built up, for a more vibrant effect! :)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sleek Paraguaya Palette

Sleek has new collection! PARAGUAYA!! Filled with pinkies, warm browns and corals high pigmented! Essential colours for this spring! Unfurtunately the lip balm, and the blush were sold out! But anyway, I can use the eyeshadows as a blush too! :) I always do it with the GOOD GIRL palette!
Loving Sleek!!

Monday, 7 March 2011

My new MAC lipsticks

HOT GOSSIP: It's a cremesheen shimmery mid-tone pinky plum. Very buildable and wearable!It feels surprisingly light, and it doesn't dry my lips out!

PINK NOUVEAU: My favorite! it's a satin semi-matte bright pink!that deliver a full color coverage with just one coat!

CUT A CAPER: It's a mid-tone pink coral, it was released in the A Tartan Tale collection. Lustre formula is definitely not my favorite... I feel the lipsticks not gonna last me at all! I need to apply alot of coats till I have the color I want....(a bit dissapointed...)

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Nail & Art World

Hi there! I haven't done a post like in ages! but finaly I'm in a mood for blogging again!
This week I got me some Minx Nails because are the latest trend in celebrity nails!
I saw them for first time on Kim Kardashian's beach bunny photoshoot! but now are everywhere, music videos, on the runways, red carpet events...
I love that perfect mirror finish! (but u can't really see it properly in my photo)
I just bought me 5 patterns in silver, but defenitely I'm gonna try next time with something a bit more fun! :)xx
(Normally the patterns have to be heated before stick it on your nails but with the ones I got me you have to put them in water).

Monday, 1 November 2010

My new Makeup Palette! & FOTD

I've been looking for this palette everywhere but in all shops it was SOLD OUT!! So I decided to order it online... and finally, I got it!!
I'm so happy to see this palette in my makeup collection!
Is nice than Urban Decay did a palette that has really nice packaging, and it doesn't have little cartoons all over it.
All the shades are so pretty!! nude,pinks, warm shades of bronze, chocolate browns,...I love them!
You can do such a great day looks with it and also can go out at night,
I can not find greater palette to create brown bronzed
Revlon colorstay
MAC msfn
MAC Select cover-up concealer
Urban Decay palette
L'oreal volume million lashes
Bobby Brown-gel eyeliner in Sepia
Lashes-Girls aloud (kimberly)
Lip pencil - Spice
101 Barry M lipstick
11 Barry M lipgloss

Monday, 11 October 2010

Embellished Shoulders!

The power shoulder trend continues! this style is everywhere! Now that we are nearly in to party season, I have noticed a growing number of embellished shoulder tops, dresses & blazers on the high street.
From feathers to chains and sequins to studs, embellished shoulders are big this season!
If you decide to go with an embellished top keep your accessories to a minimum, let the jewells in the embellishment be your accesorizing.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Polka Dots!

For the ones who don't know what polka dots is, it's nothing more than circles.
Today's dots are a part of a longer trend in which designers are focusing on graphic patterns.
It's a playful and fun way to wear prints whithout being too floral or too girly.
Now the designeres made it look modern and fresh and it's all about contrast and size, the bigger the dots are...the better!
It is one of the easiest ways to bring your wardrobe up to date!
Dress navy blue + white: Stradivarius
Shoes navy blue: Zara

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What's in my handbag!???

This is my handbag i'm using at the moment! It's leather with lots of studs! I bought it in Spain last week! I love it!! It matches with anything!!
When I'm taking the tube everyday, I'm always thinking, what kinda stuff people carry in their handbags, especially if the bags are really big!
My one is not too big...but sometimes I can carry alot of stuff, even though not always necessary. :)
When I go to work...I have a long list of things that I carry with never know what you might need....1 Notebook +pen, 2 Ipod, 3 Glasses, 4 my prehistoric Samsung, 5 Keys, 6 DKNY perfume, 7 Oyster, 8 Mints, 9 Wallet, 10 Makeup bag.
1 Tissue, 2 Deodorant, 3 Antibacterial Soap, 4 Hand Cream, 5 Contact lenses Liquid, 6 Contact lenses, 7 Tweezers, 8 Carmex Lip balm, 9 Victoria Secret Lip balm, 10 Comb, 11 Victoria Secret Lipstick (exotic spice), 12 VS Lip gloss (passion fruit), 13 VS Mascara, 14 L'oreal anti-shine mattifying primer, 15 L'oreal liquid eyeliner, 16 Garnier eye roll-on, 17 Touche eclat YSL, 18 Body shop kabuki brush, 19 MAC blush (pink swoon), 20 MAC MSFN (dark)