Saturday, 2 July 2011

My Best 2 Products for this Summer!!!


Here I have the perfect product for those who would like to lighten their hair without damaging it!
CAMOMILA INTEA is mainly made out of camomile flowers natural extract.
Ideal for blonde to medium brown.
The way to apply it: Spray thoroughly on towel-dried hair, and distribute the product with the help of a comb or brush.
Leave it on for at lest 30min and dry as usual. (Drying it under the sun will enhance lightening effect).
For Those who wants some highlight make holes on a shower cap and apply the lotion.
This produts come in a spray bottle of 100ml and because it's not a hair dye can be used so many times!
The final blonde shade will depend on the numbers of applications.
Ideal to give back original colour to previously blond hair darkened over time.
Bye bye hair dyes!! :)

Finally The Summer is coming to London!!
So one of the most essential products for me is a bronzer, and...what better bronzer than SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL!

The texture is a light cream-gel, so easy to apply and easy to blend! it buffs on your skin just like silk! giving you a gorgeous glow, sun-kissed look!
I've been looking for a bronzer than don't turn me too orange, and this bronzer is just fantastic. It fits almost all skin tones and intensifies whatever skin tone you are.
If you have a closer look there are little particles of shimmer on it, but it's a matte bronzer.
To apply it I use my kabuki brush from Body Shop.


  1. Jo, la camomila. Me recuerda a cuando éramos pequeñas mi hermana y yo y mi madre se la daba a ella, porque era medio rubilla de pequeña. Yo simplemente miraba y olía, porque me encantaba el olor. Menuda comodidad que ahora lo vendan en spray.

    Y respecto a los polvos bronceadores, ¡¡me alegro que el verano por fin haya llegado a Londres!! Espero que le saques mucho partido.


  2. i really want to try chanel's bronzer!

  3. the bronzer looks amazing :)

  4. I want that bronzer SO badly, but I just make myself pay that much for it, lol.

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  6. Hi! I love the idea of the CAMOMILA INTEA lotion. Where do you buy it, though? I looked online for it and could not find it anywhere. And does it really work to lighten the hair up? I would definitely want to try it, it sounds amazing, natural and effective.

    1. Hi Ina, you can buy it in the online shop of Intea Cosmetics, the adress is:

  7. I have this! My favourite! Love ittt xxxx

  8. wow these products seem amazing! i have to try them! i have never used a bronzer before, but this one seems really easy to use. and that hair lightening spray seems awesome too! i have to try that now! :)

  9. ooohhh... i would really like to try CAMOMILA INTEA... :)

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    1. If you like to try the productos of Intea Cosmetics, you can to buy its on his online shop:

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  12. I've never used this I should try it, thank you for the post!

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  14. Looks beautiful. I'd love to buy some one day.

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