Monday, 1 November 2010

My new Makeup Palette! & FOTD

I've been looking for this palette everywhere but in all shops it was SOLD OUT!! So I decided to order it online... and finally, I got it!!
I'm so happy to see this palette in my makeup collection!
Is nice than Urban Decay did a palette that has really nice packaging, and it doesn't have little cartoons all over it.
All the shades are so pretty!! nude,pinks, warm shades of bronze, chocolate browns,...I love them!
You can do such a great day looks with it and also can go out at night,
I can not find greater palette to create brown bronzed
Revlon colorstay
MAC msfn
MAC Select cover-up concealer
Urban Decay palette
L'oreal volume million lashes
Bobby Brown-gel eyeliner in Sepia
Lashes-Girls aloud (kimberly)
Lip pencil - Spice
101 Barry M lipstick
11 Barry M lipgloss