Sunday, 27 September 2009

My first blog!

Hi everyone!
My name is patricia, and i've been watching all the youtube make-up videos for quite a long time, and has become one of my favorite hobbies.
I learnt so many things like how to do my make-up, which products are the best for my skin, differents hairstyles, tips, the right tools...
Than now, through my blog i want to share with you, what i think about my beauty products.
Hope you like it!


  1. helloooo .... im new to this blog world too! been on here only about 10 days! I started writing a blog because of Youtube video's, you do you like watching? I like Pixiwoo, Allthatglitters21, juciystar07, Dulcecandy and the list goes on and on lol!!

    your blog's so cute!!

    gonna follow x

    follow mine please

    x <3 x

  2. Hi! I love youtube videos too! My favorites are: lollipop26, foxylocksextensions, and pixiwoo.

  3. my favorites are also lollipop26,thecurrentcustom,pixiewoo,rosebabe888,and on youtube eily311 they are like internet beauty stars to me! im gonna follow yours, check mine out!
    i only have one follower so far but its still fun!