Thursday, 29 April 2010

My new Favorite shoes!

This is what I wore last saturday for my boyfriend's birthday :)

I live in front of a Matalan store and that's where I bought my lovely pair of pink shoes!

I never found anything there, I thought the clothes were for old people and not very fashionable...but...this time, it was different! I found this pretty pair of shoes.

The heels are 13.5 cm! , but I like them soooo much!!

The shoes look a bit big in the photo, it's because I'm wearing a size 7 and changed it for a size 5! :)

Go grab yourself a bargain!!



  1. look beautiful in your black little dress and pair of pink shoes , your legs look sooo goood : )
    I know what you mean about Matalan , sometimes you can get there a bargain , I like there house things , you know all the candles , vases etc : )

    hugs xxx

  2. OMG!!!!
    TE lo pongo en español, que me sale "más mejor"!
    Pero que zapatos tan preciosisimos, chiquilluela!!
    Me ha dao hasta un vahído cuando los he visto, por dios!!
    Me encantan, de verdad! estabas super guapa con ese modelazo!
    Anda que no se pondría contento ni ná tu chico...!;P

  3. Those shoes are amazing, you look great!

  4. those are adorable! jealous!

  5. They're so pretty!
    They look great on you, I love the color=)

  6. They are adorable! Pink shoes are so in!

  7. Wow, those shoes are super cute! I don't remember seeing shoes that pink LOL.

  8. I LOVE those shoes! I want! x

  9. Omg they are amazing... U look great,, Cuando te aburras de ellos me los regalas si, jijiji =)

  10. hola! primero: los zapatos son divinos!
    segundo estas guapisima con ese vestido! y tercero si me quedo muy bien la entrada, espere a verme la pelicula y iba guardando imagenes hasta que por fin! tengo el resultado! me encanta que te pases por mi blog! GRACIAS!
    un beso!!!!

  11. Wow they're so bright and sexay! Love them!

  12. Los zapatos son chulísimos, pero el look completo es ideal: negro + rosa... ¡¡Mis colores favoritos!! Te queda genial.


  13. Love the shoes. The color is great!
    The black dress looks beautiful on you too

  14. heyy patricia
    i just got your comment about the lip balms i got from spain
    my mum flew from alicante airport, and that is the only place i know where to get them :S
    the brand is called gal collection
    and their website is
    so i hope this will help you find them :)
    let me know!
    Abbie xxx

  15. Amazing shoes!!!!! You have got a real bargain as there is an identical pair in Liberty of London for about £400!!! x
    I have been so slack at doing posts recently as started a new job but will start again today ....

  16. hot shoes! i'm amazed how you sized them down from size 7 to size 5!! can't tell at all haha


  17. You look stunning :) The shoes are amazing. I agree about matalan, sometimes they don't have much in there but latley I have found a few things there x

  18. i love your blog...

    olso your shoes...

    nice nice...

  19. i am in love with those shoes!!!


  20. those shoes are so cute! they look like something barbie would wear! i'm now following you!

    greetings from NY!

    follow me! at:

  21. Those shoes are AMAZING!!!

  22. OMG these shoes are amazing!! Cute blog! I tried following, but it wouldn't let me :-( i'll try again! check out mine

  23. :O Your heels are too cute!

  24. Adorable shoes and nice blog you have hun :)