Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Elegant Touch! french nails

I’m on holidays!!!
I’m going to Spain tomorrow!! First time in 6 months!! I can’t wait!! Wish me luck! With all the weather problems, I’m sooo scared my flight will get canceled. (fingers crossed)
I’m going for 11 days and wanted to do my manicure with acrylic nails in a salon this afternoon.
Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, I got very sick on Sunday …. and started to think…maybe I should buy me a set of false nails, try something different, and do it at home! Like this I won’t get worse in this freezing weather!
Yesterday I ran to superdrug during my lunch to buy a set of false nails. It was on offer buy 1 get 1 free! I chose the Elegant Touch set. I always use the French manicure nail polish kit, and I like it, so I picked up the falsies!


  1. These falsies look very nice on you. 1 for 1 offer - that was a fantastic buy! :)

    Have a pleasant and safe trip home! Merry Christmas!

  2. Ohhh I hope your flight is ok!!!

    Your nails look gorgeous! xxx

  3. These look completely flawless! i think i may have to get on the drugstore false tips ban wagon. i hope you have an incredible, safe holiday. Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Good job with the nails! Looks professional! Have a good time in Spain!

  5. Pero que uñas postizas más naturales. Si parecen las tuyas!! Yo uso algunas veces las de Deliplus (Mercadona) que quedan bastante bien, pero no tan bonitas..
    Suerte con tu viaje! Espero que pases unas muy felices vacaciones con tu familia.
    Un saludo

  6. wow they look really professional, have a lovely holiday! (: X

  7. The nails look amazing :D
    Bargain to !
    -Love Raspberrykiss <3

  8. ¡Qué chulas quedan! Quizás debiera comprarme yo para las ocasiones especiales, porque... ¡Soy incapaz de dejármelas crecer! Nunca me gustan como me quedan mis propias uñas, jaja...

    Espero que hayas tenido muchos regalos de Navidad.


  9. Estas en España! me alegro de que estes con tu familia!!
    Felices fiestas!
    y tus uñas preciosas!!!!
    un saludo!

  10. Jealous I am. I wanna go to Spain 2! Where are u in Spain? I like French manicure!

  11. hola! acabo de descubrir tu blog, te sigo! espero que pases unos días geniales en casa!
    un besito!

  12. Cute!

    Have a great trip :)

  13. Te he dejado un Premo en mi blog

  14. Oooh they look sooo pretty! I want some now! Just started following your blog and I love it so far! xoxo

  15. Those fakes look so real and very pretty :)
    i'v just started a blog of my own, i would love it if you could check it out? and follow if you like it :D thanks
    Oh i followed you btw, i love your blog xo

  16. ohh lovee the nails hun! I got one from superdrugs too and gona try it out soon :) Hope it works out as good as yours!

  17. gracias guapa!!!
    si han acertado!!!
    es un vestido sencillo ya lo veras! jajajaja!
    Feliz año y sobre todo prosperooo!
    un besito!!!

  18. I'm from Portugal so you'll be right next to me :P

  19. ooooh i swear those nails dont even look fake at all! great job :) i always get the glue all over myself every time i try fake nails lol

    happy new year :)


  20. omg i love your hair color is it your natural? i had it that way then i dyed it black! bad idea im trying to go back to that color. and also i wanted to buy the falsies but i wasnt to sure how do they feel on your finger tips? i used to wear them in the 5th grade! it felt to thin and would break easy. is it that same?

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