Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Elegant Touch! french nails

I’m on holidays!!!
I’m going to Spain tomorrow!! First time in 6 months!! I can’t wait!! Wish me luck! With all the weather problems, I’m sooo scared my flight will get canceled. (fingers crossed)
I’m going for 11 days and wanted to do my manicure with acrylic nails in a salon this afternoon.
Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, I got very sick on Sunday …. and started to think…maybe I should buy me a set of false nails, try something different, and do it at home! Like this I won’t get worse in this freezing weather!
Yesterday I ran to superdrug during my lunch to buy a set of false nails. It was on offer buy 1 get 1 free! I chose the Elegant Touch set. I always use the French manicure nail polish kit, and I like it, so I picked up the falsies!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Yesterday, I went to do some shopping and, and by accident I passed through Claire's Accessories for a quick look, and I found this great product!

I saw it before on youtube, and I always thought it was cool, so I decided I'll buy me one. (another great buy!)

These are designed to give lift and volume where you would have traditionally needed lots of teasing to achieve the look.

Definetely this is one of my favorites hair product ever!

The first time, I had a hard time to get it to stay in my hair (I didn't read the instructions!) but now it's easy and quick! all you need is hair spray and a comb

Now I don't have to worry about damaging my hair, to give it volume

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Love Eyelashes!

I'm starting to get interested in false lashes!! I never tried them before, but with all the videos and pictures I saw, everyone wear them!!
So this weekend I decided to buy me a pair, just to try it! and to see how it looks on me,.... and I loooooove them!
I actually have long lashes that's why I've never been worried about to make them thicker and longer but now...I think I won't be able to go out anymore without them!! haha
They also enhance the looks of the wearer.
It gives a stunning look to the face where eyes appear bigger, fuller and more appealing.
They look so glamourous!

These lashes are alot of more dramatic! but they are soooo gorgeous!

I purchased these lashes yesterday in superdrug,
I Paid 5pounds
They are amazing! Eylure Naturalites Intense 145.
I wanted to buy the girls aloud ones,..but I find them
a little bit tricky to put on at least the Cheryl ones I think they are short and very thick...so at the moment I'm gonna
have to practices with longer ones!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

My hair extensions

Finally I bought me clip hair extensions! and I love them!
The shade match perfectly with my colour hair! and I couldn't believe it because my hair is not a natural colour. I colour my hair with the L'oreal Paris 8.1 ash blonde. That I actually love!
They are made it with real human hair, and I can straightend, curled or waved!
At the moment I didn't have to much time to do differents hair styles because I just bought them this weekend, but I'll try to do it and attach the pictures here.
I bought the 18 inches ones, but I think, (maybe) I'm gonna cut them a little bit to give them a more natural look...
I hear the extensions can last up anything from 6 months to a year depending on how often you wear them. I only gonna used them for the weekends, I don't want people at work look at me too much...haha

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Arturo Elena Designs

Arturo is the most successful fashion illustrator in Spain.
I love every one of his drawings & designs! are so creative and original!!
His style is amazing and so unique!

Arturo has worked for spanish fashion firms such as Victorio & Lucchino, Loewe, Chanel Spain, Roberto Verino, Lemoniez, L'Oreal Paris, Carrera Y Carerra and Custo Barcelona.