Sunday, 29 November 2009

My French manicure

Requirements: A pink base coat, A white nail tip colour polish, A clear top coat, Nail polish remover, A Flat Round Tip Eyeshadow Brush, A Paper towel
I'm starting painting my tips with the white polish nail, in soft light strokes. I apply 2 coats of white colour, but they don't have to be even.

Then I'm gonna take a small container and with the polish remover fill it up there.
So using a old eye shadow make up brush with a round tip, I'm gonna dip it into the acetone, wipe it on to the paper towel, and with light strokes side to side, I start to remove the white paint that I want to get off to create the shape that I'm looking for.
Also, If Im going with the brush into the corners of the nails, I can clean them a little bit. This helps to remove the paint from my skin.
After the tips are completely dry, I apply one coat of the pink colour over the entire nail for a natural finish.

For a bolder look you can use 2 coats.
And the last thing it's advisable to apply one more coat of clear polish for protection.
I have been using this method for my nails about 3 months, and now just takes me 15min!


  1. Hey ... ive nominated you for an award on my blog

    x <3 x

  2. Great method! I can't do a tidy french mani for the love of me! I'll be trying this out, though =)

  3. Thanks for this tutorial! I found it very useful. I'm quite a clutz with these! :D

  4. Hi, I've just found your blog and I love it :)

    This tutorial you have done - I do the same thing! Except with a eye liner brush! Lol! Looks great :) xx