Sunday, 22 November 2009

Pencil, Cream/Gel, Liquid Eyeliner

The EYELINER PENCIL is the most common one, the one I use the most is from MAC, called smolder, an REVLON ColourStay I love these ones because they are very creamy and applies very smoothly. If you don't know how to apply it start doing it with short strokes, starting in the outter part of your eye working to the inner corner.
The eyeliner pencil is the best one to use in the waterline of your eye.

The GEL EYELINER that I use is from Bobby Brown. I have the colours sepia ink & black ink, these ones are very long lasting and I apply it with a ultra fine brush. I don't normally like gel based eyeliners because I find they apply a little bit tricky, and i didn't have a very nice experience with other gel eyeliners. When I apply this one I only have to dip the brush in the gel eyeliner once, draw the line.., and it's done! I really like it!

The LIQUID EYELINER is my favorite! I always use L'oreal Paris Super Liner carbon gloss, the application is very easy.
The applicator design is super thin, flexible, and the product comes out evenly.
I find that it stays a long time and doesn't smudge or run.
And it is an inexpensive product.


  1. Hey there! Nice eyeliners! I have Smolder but I don't like it much, I find it's not black enough, if that's possible, and that it's not long lasting. I bought Feline the other day and I'm in LOVE!
    Besos ;)

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  4. por cierto que se me olvida jajaja!
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  5. I have never tried Bobbi Brown before.

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  7. I am so shotty at doing gel/cream eyeliners!!! I just cannot seem to do it! Ive like finially mastered the liquid eyeliner though, epople always comment on how straight the line is and stuff :) and I love pencil eyeliners too!!! I love how you can smudge them out or draw it thin and feline :) x

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